In Detective: Again! you play as a detective who is tasked with finding a missing scientist. It quickly becomes evident, that this task might have more importance than expected. Before he went missing, he was working on a time machine, that now is rewinding time every day and you are the only person keeping your memory.

That means it's on you to use your deductive skills to find and deactivate the time machine to save the universe.

Known Issues

  • Fullscreen breaks the UI in some browsers!
    • Fix: Use Firefox or reload the page and don't use fullscreen.
  • Long load time with blurred screen.
    • Fix: Please just give it a minute or so.

If the web-version does not work, please try using Firefox, since this is what I used for testing. Alternatively, you can download the windows version.

Made for Brackeys Jam 2020.2

All assets were made in a timeframe of 7 days, including code, art, music, and more. The only exception is the "Minimal5x7"-Font by kheftel under CC0.


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Detective Again! - 21 MB

Development log


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The 4th wall break at the end is nice. The rest of the game equally so!

Thanks, I appreciate it! ^^

It was nice, but so short and easy that I did it all on the first loop without even trying to be fast. When you need to find something, it's always on the same screen as the location you need it for. If you spread them out more, you would actually need multiple loops to get everything.

Glad you like it. I agree that it is quite short. I would have loved to add more cases and more puzzles/riddles to solve, but I ran out of time due because of the jam deadline.

I might add more once the rating is over. Thanks for the feedback.